Meet Simon & Benoit.

Our story

Our story

It took us almost two years to arrive at what Drink Big is today.  Hundreds of prototypes, mistakes and lead fuse later we are happy to release the product of our life:  A bottle. Just a bottle.

After all, we knew we wouldn’t be the ones building a spaceship to mars nor changing the world.  In fact, we are pretty sure that our impact will remain marginal. And it’s all fine.  But the idea of making an ordinary product a fashionable object has always excited us to the highest level.

Finally, could fashion be at the service of our planet. No excuse now.

As lying gives us more anxiety than Trump and plastic bottles combined, we are also committed to be honest.

Yes, our product is made in China. But consciously. Yes, we are not perfect, but we are working on it.  We are on our way to not change the world. One bottle at a time.